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By | June 5, 2020

What is the URL? Definitions, functions, and compositions

Definition of URL

URL (in English Uniform Resource Locator) is the address of a website. The address of a website, or more exactly the address of a page of a website.

The URL is essential to locate this page in the ocean of billions of existing web pages. This is why the structure of URLs is standardized worldwide.

The URL of your site is, therefore, the identity on the web of your brand. Whether you decide to use professional site creation software or another provider, your URL must “belong” to you.


The URL is broken down into 3 parts:

  • http: // www. : Corresponds to technical standards (protocol and sub-domain) commonly used for the design of website addresses . You can know every detail directly on the Wikipedia site
  • Orson : corresponds to the domain name, most often the name of your brand or even a product of your company
  • .io : corresponds to the extension of the domain name. The most common extension for a company is in France .fr or .com. If possible, you should favor a .com extension because it corresponds to the international reference for generalist sites.
    Other extensions make it possible to identify certain types of site:

    • gouv.fr for government websites,
    • co.uk for English sites,
    • org …

Site URL

It is essential to have a dedicated professional URL for a business website.

The URL of a page

As you know, the concept of the website does not really exist. Besides, as a surfer, you rarely look for a particular site.

You are looking for information. Google presents to you the page which corresponds to your request, which itself is attached to a domain name, the whole forming a website.

This is why it is essential to think about the structure of the  URLs of your pages.

URL and natural referencing

The URL is an important element of your visibility on the internet. It allows search engines to identify very precisely the content of a web page (Read the article on URLs and SEO ).

For this, it is necessary to associate with the URL, the information which characterizes a particular page: its Keywords.

If we consider that the URL is the address of a house, the extension gives direct access to the room in the house we want to go to.

Take the example of Orson’s URLs

The domain name: Orson corresponds to our brand, but does not mean anything specific. It does not allow you to know our business, our offers.

To orient the search engines and immediately indicate the nature of the services we offer, the URLs of our pages are all structured in the same way.

https://fr.orson.io/94/creer-un-site-internet- professional

So at a glance, we allow our visitors to go directly to the page that corresponds to their precise expectations.

URL rewriting

Check the URL structure of your website yourself.

It’s simple to do. You just have to read what is written in the navigation bar when you are on a page of your site. If your URLs do not allow you to understand the content of a particular page at a glance, it may be appropriate to rewrite them.

You will thus make a first step in the optimization of the referencing of your website.

Price of a domain name and therefore of a URL

When you decide to create a professional or personal website, you will choose your domain name.
There is an impressive number of prices for registering a domain name.

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