What is LinkedIn

By | June 7, 2020

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network created in 2002. It belongs to the Microsoft group and is characterized as the largest professional social network in the world. It includes:

➡️ 150 million active users

➡️ 200 countries

➡️ 3 million users in Spain

It is one of the most important social networks in the world and differs from those intended for personal use. Its goal is to become the largest professional social network in the world.


LinkedIn is a digital community for businesses, companies, people looking for work, or recruiters.

It works from a personalized page for each user, like a CV, where they share their studies and professional experiences.


This platform is intended for professional and commercial relations.

On LinkedIn, what you will find are mainly companies and professionals who seek to gain visibility, promote their brand, contact new people, create a network, or even increase their business.


What is LinkedIn for?

You can use this platform to create your personal profile or that of your company to:

✅ Improve your brand

✅ Gain visibility

✅ Get in touch with new people or companies

✅ Attract people to your profile

✅ Create a network


The Benefits of Being on LinkedIn

In addition, this social network has many advantages for its users.

✅ A first step to create and promote your personal brand on the Internet.

✅ In addition to using LinkedIn as an online CV, you can also use LinkedIn to promote yourself instead of for the company you work for.

✅ Update your profile with each project or professional experience carried out.

✅ You will gain visibility.


Information about your professional life updated in real-time

Sending your CV to companies by email or post does not allow you to update your information each time you change your profession or company.

On LinkedIn, the information from your professional life that you write will be visible to the rest of the users.



Never forget to include in your CV that you send by email the link leading to your LinkedIn profile.



LinkedIn helps you meet people from different industries and can put you in touch with them in a professional manner.

The traditional way of doing business is changing with this new form of getting in touch with people.


Expand your network with LinkedIn

No one knows if one day you will have to contact someone from another company.

Use LinkedIn as an address book and add profiles of other companies you are interested in your network.


It is a Networking tool

There are no limits to LinkedIn.

You can contact people from all over the world or participate in discussion groups on a given topic.


Share your expertise

You can count on options that LinkedIn makes available to you to do things like:

– Share presentations, videos or posts from your blog,


How does LinkedIn work?

Open your LinkedIn profile or rather your CV online

Now that you know what LinkedIn is, let’s create your profile.

Having your own space on LinkedIn is very simple.

Follow the steps offered by the platform and create your own CV online.

Add your studies, professional experiences, skills, or the recommendations given by your former employers and colleagues…


Read these articles which will surely help you:

→ Which profile photo to choose for LinkedIn

→ Beginner’s manual


Explore your contacts

Once your profile is created, you will begin to discern the full hidden potential of LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn platform will start exploring your relationships and discovering things that are likely to surprise you.

For example, if you put that you worked in such a company during a fixed term, LinkedIn will seek the employees of this same company in which you were at the time.


Why should you create an account, if you haven’t already?


An online CV

Your network and the pages of different companies will be able to see your CV and your profile always updated.

On LinkedIn, you will not only have a digital CV but also your own personal space where you can detail your professional life.

It is the first thing to do before creating your own personal brand or “Personal Branding”.

In addition, by updating your information regularly, people or companies can get in touch with you through the platform or from the email or phone number entered on your profile.


A huge calendar of contacts

You will never have a contact calendar as large as the one you can have on LinkedIn.

You only have to click on the “connect” tab of each profile that interests you so that these people join your professional network. So you can contact them as soon as you need them.

In addition to being in constant contact with them, you will be able to observe each of their professional developments.


Join groups on LinkedIn

There are many groups, such as discussion forums, that will keep you up to date and keep you informed about whatever you want.

You can join groups already created on topics that interest you or create your own group.


Traffic on your web page

Thanks to LinkedIn, you can increase your number of visits to your website or blog.

You can publish the links to your blog on your LinkedIn profile or share some of your publications.



It is the ideal platform to create a network.

LinkedIn gives you several tools that will simplify your search for companies or users that might interest you.


Do you already know what is LinkedIn? Do you have any questions?

Do not hesitate to ask us a comment, we will answer it with pleasure.

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