What is Facebook?

By | June 11, 2020

History: Created in 2004 by Marc Zuckerberg, then a student at Harvard University, Facebook is a social network website.

Principle: Facebook allows its users to enter personal information and interact with other users.

The information likely to be made available to the network concerns civil status, studies, and centers of interest. This information makes it possible to find users sharing the same interests.

They can form groups and invite others. Interactions between members include sharing mail and multimedia documents.

The user will find for example a list of friends, a list of friends he has in common with other friends, a list of networks to which the user and his friends belong, a list of groups to which the user belongs, a box to access the photos associated with the user’s account, and a “wall” (“wall” in English) allowing friends of the user to leave small messages to which the user can respond.

Concretely, Facebook is not used to exchange important information, but it provides the means to keep in touch with someone, to show that you are paying attention to someone.

Some people use it to announce important things and wait for responses from friends, but most just use it to stay in touch.


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To use FB, you just have to choose to create:

  • a personal profile on which you wish to communicate public data
  • an official page to communicate with customers or fans
  • a community page to support a cause or a subject
  • a group to share a hobby, a passion, a professional interest with other members


Facebook has basic functions that allow you to search for people, share photos, chat, exchange messages, follow the news of your contacts, present events, etc.

But that’s not all. Facebook also offers third-party applications that are accessible inside or outside of its platform.

It is, therefore, possible to install many programs to enrich basic functionalities such as the integration of a CV or the presentation of items sold on an Ebay store.

Outside the platform, ”  Connect With Facebook ” helps to register on sites no longer by creating a new account but by using your Facebook account. As is already the case with Digg.comYoost.com, and CBSNEws.com

Another extremely popular activity on Facebook: online games Farmville, Birthday Cards, or Texas Hold ‘Em never cease to unleash passions.

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