What is a Blog?

By | June 5, 2020

What is a blog? 

The blog is a particular type of website that can be presented as a kind of diary published on the Web , and accessible to internet users around the world. It is a simplified version of a website, offered as a turnkey solution for internet users, and technically managed by an editor.  

Concretely, the blog, therefore, allows certain internet users, bloggers, to share their opinions, comments, moods, points of view on current events, via writing articles, publishing photos, etc.

For whom is it interesting to have a blog?

A blog does not require, in its usual version, any technical skill. This is what makes it a very democratic communication tool, accessible to all internet users. All blogger profiles are therefore represented on the web: 

  •  individuals wishing to share personal information with their loved ones
  • individuals wishing to speak publicly on matters close to their hearts
  • experts or professionals who present their journey, to make themselves known to prospects or recruiters
  • of companies create a blog adjacent to their showcase or e-commerce site to present their news and inform their users about their offer
  • associations, which use the blog to inform Internet users about a subject and their news. 

What does the blogging industry look like? 

Since its appearance, the blog has been widely democratized and is available today in many forms. Some look like real websites with high professional rigor, while others are more about the simple desire to share one’s existence on the Web using another means than Facebook or other social networks.

Being able to create a free blog in a few minutes has also contributed to the democratization and explosion of the number of blogs on the Internet. Many web players, such as wordpress,  e-monsite , webnode or even wix.com , offer the creation of a free blog in just a few clicks. They can then be personalized according to everyone’s wishes. One of the characteristics of blogs is their great flexibility. 

Blog and natural referencing

Like any website, the blog is crawled by robots and its content is indexed by search engines. Some bloggers are not aware of it and do not aim for high visibility. For others, an SEO strategy prior to installing the blog is necessary. 

Any blog will not be visible automatically. There are some important points to watch out for, such as the choice of the publisher (some favor ease of use, but not natural referencing), the choice of a domain name, the setting up of page templates, the creation of quality content, lightness of pages, etc. 

Some bloggers, without being SEO professionals, have become famous by posting very popular content, very shared on the web, and by learning good SEO practices as they go. Today, competition from large sites is heavier, but there are still opportunities for blogs on certain themes or certain publication formats. 

For example, travel photos on blogs talking about this theme are sometimes better positioned in the results of Google Images than those of the major players in tourism. 

Blog: who are the main players?

The most famous actor is the most represented is WordPress. But other players also exist e-my site, Webnode, wix.com … The sector has evolved a lot between 2005 and 2015. 

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