13 Computer tricks you absolutely must know

By | September 23, 2020

Even if you use your computer every day, that doesn’t mean you know how to use it to its fullest potential. We wanted to share some tips so you can get the most out of your Mac or PC.

We’ve focused on keyboard shortcuts that will help you create text and data faster in Microsoft Word or Excel, or to help you navigate better on your computer or Internet browser. Plus, we’ve recommended a handful of extensions and programs and listed a few tips to help you control your inbox. We think you’ll be happy with the time you save in the long run.

1. Keyboard shortcuts that will be useful in word processors

CTRL C: Copy
CTRL V: Paste
CTRL Z: Undo
CTRL Y: Redo
CTRL B: Bold
CTRL U: Underline
CTRL I: Italicize

Remember, if you have a Mac, the CTRL button press is replaced by the Command button on your computer.

2. Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcuts

F2: edit cells
Shift Space: Select entire rows
Ctrl-Space: Select entire columns
Ctrl Plus: Insert cell
Ctrl Minus: Delete cell
Ctrl 1: Change cell format
You can find a full list of Excel shortcuts here.

3. Keyboard shortcuts for internet browsers

CTRL N: New window
CTRL T: New tab
CTRL-Shift T: Reopen last closed tab
CTRL-Shift W: Close all open tabs, browser
CTRL W: Close current tab
CTRL Plus: Zoom in
CTRL Minus: Zoom out
CTRL 0 : resets zoom to default
CTRL F: Find on page

4. Take a screenshot

On Macs, CMD Shift 3 takes a photo of the entire screen, or you can press the Print Screen button on your Windows PC keyboard, and the screenshot can be pasted into any photo editing software. , like Paint or Photoshop.
On Macs, CMD Shift 4 lets you use your mouse and select the part of your screen to take a screenshot. On the PC, you can use Snipping Tool – a program in Windows – to select a specific area of ​​your screen to take a screenshot.

5. Easily search for websites

In Google Chrome, when you type a web address, for example, www.youtube.com, press the Tab key instead of the ENTER key. You can search the site from the address bar.

6. Ninite.com

Use Ninite.com to download commonly installed programs at the same time when setting up a new computer. The service is free, but unfortunately, it only works for PCs.

7. Download VLC

Speaking of installing programs, we highly recommend VLC for all computers. The free and open-source software makes it easy to play virtually any file format you throw at it. You can download it here. The app works with Mac, PC, Linux, Android, and iOS!

8. Take advantage of Facebook’s powerful search engine

You can type a person’s phone number into Facebook’s search bar to see their name often. This is handy for checking in the context of someone you meet to complete a Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace transaction.
On Facebook, you can also enter extremely specific search queries on the network.

For example, type “My friends of friends who live in San Francisco” to find mutual friends when you move to a new city.
Or, you can find new gig buddies by typing “My Friends Who Like Artist Name.” ”
You can even see who your friends are friends in a company in which you are applying by typing” Friends of friends who work at Google. ”

9. Use Shoutkey.com to easily share links to people

Link shortening sites like bit.ly are convenient and common, but there is an even better link shortening site that you’ve probably never heard of. It’s called ShoutKey.

URLs for other link shortening sites are case sensitive and difficult to read on a whiteboard or PowerPoint presentation. Not to mention, they are virtually impossible to say out loud. “Oh, just go to bit dot ly slash xg capital H r 2132.”

ShoutKey randomly selects a word to use which it places at the end of a Shoutkey.com link that is easily shareable and able to shout.

10. Use Pushbullet to send files, links, and text between devices

Pushbullet is an app and extension that brings all your devices together. It allows you to easily send messages and reminders from your computer to your smartphone, and share links and files to different devices. So, if you take a screenshot or photo on your smartphone, you can easily ‘push’ it to your laptop for editing in Photoshop. The service is free and works with iOS, Android, Mac, and PC devices.

11. Use the OneTab extension to master your tab addiction

OneTab is arguably the best Chrome or Firefox extension you can download. The extension places a small button on your toolbar that, when pressed, converts all of your open tabs into a list that you can easily open and access later. Or, you can export your tabs as a list of URLs to share with others. The extension saves up to 95% of your computer’s memory because your browser no longer runs all of these tabs. Goodbye spinning wheel of death!

12. Disable autoplay videos in Chrome

Another quick Chrome tip: you can now turn off autoplay videos!

In the Chrome address bar, paste this: chrome: // flags /
On your keyboard, press CTRL F (or Command-F on a Mac)
type reading Automatic
Click the dropdown menu and set it to “activate document user required ”

13. Clean up your inbox much faster

If you’re buried under thousands of emails in your Gmail inbox, we think you’ll love this search string.

In the search bar, type the following and then press Enter. in: inbox is: non -category: promotions
This will allow you to easily delete a bunch of emails from brands and stores that are trying to sell you something.

Another bonus email tip that works for all email clients: Just create a filter for the word ”  unsubscribe  ” in your email. This will make it easy to unsubscribe from those annoying emails that never stop coming.

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